Mitigation Tech

  • Demonstrates a general positive demeanor and openness to acquiring new skills; adapts to various organizational needs,  potentially involving inter-departmental training.
  • Emphasizes a sense of satisfaction in job completion.
  • Adheres to punctuality and on-call schedules, especially during adverse weather conditions.
  • Maintains a level of professionalism in appearance and personal grooming in line with company guidelines.

Primary Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Engages in clear and  professional communication with Mitigation Manager, colleagues, homeowners, and insurance agencies while upholding the company’s image.
  • Undertakes diverse on-site activities such as equipment handling, driving company vehicles, and following company policies, with a focus on health and safety procedures.
  • Involves in water mitigation tasks and other related responsibilities, encompassing extraction, demolition, content adjustment, and placement of drying equipment, with a readiness to learn and adapt.
  • Executes tasks involving building materials removal, carpet handling, and cleaning, including contaminated work zone disinfection. Explores structure cleaning methods post fire damage.
  • Engages in carpet and upholstery cleaning for both residential and commercial properties, requiring familiarity with various cleaning systems and techniques.
  • Gains understanding and proficiency in demolition practices, ensuring a dust-free work environment, adherence to safety measures, and efficient project completion.