Client Testimonies

“Integrated Resource Solutions took the time to listen to what I was looking for in my next professional role and also learn more about me as a leader and person.  Beth Saladino and Denise Erickson found the right fit for me when it came to the culture, leadership opportunity, and company size I was looking for.  After being in my new leadership position for over a year now, I know it is the right fit and I have been extremely happy and satisfied.  Thanks to the Integrated Resource Solutions team for finding a place where I enjoy coming to work every day!”

– Rick

“We have received awesome results with Integrated Resource Solutions! The team is positive, friendly, responsive, and helpful. The recruiters at IRS have delivered better results than we had dared to hope for in this competitive talent market, and we are so grateful for their help!”


“I have worked with Denise and her team for over two years.  She took the time to really understand the needs of our business and the types of employees that would fit our culture and deliver.  The results have been great, Denise has provided a number of excellent candidates who are now permanent members of our team.  When we need help finding the right people, we look to Denise and the team at Integrated Resource Solutions.”

– Bill

“Denise and Beth are just great! I needed help vetting and interviewing prospects for an IT position and they delivered exactly what I needed. They really made things easy for me and even had some creative solutions and suggestions to problems I faced during the process. They are very helpful and professional and I highly recommend their services!”

– Greg J

“Our company engaged integrated resource solutions to find a seasoned Quality Manager.  In less than two weeks, Beth and Denise sourced the candidate we ended up hiring. He is one of our best employees!  I recommend this team!”

– Angela

Candidate Testimonies

“Five months into my new career, I couldn’t be happier!  I’m in a very positive environment where I can grow professionally and use all my past experiences. I know that if it weren’t for Denise, I would have never gotten my foot in the door in the first place.  Through Denise’s networking and extensive line of connections, she was able to find out about my job opening before it was even listed. I was the first and only resume my company received because they were impressed with my qualifications and Denise’s ability to keep things moving quickly. Thank you Denise and Integrated Resource Solutions for helping me begin the next chapter in my life.”

– Kristin

“Integrative Resource Solutions enabled me to land a job that I had no idea existed.  Jennifer and Denise’s communication was impeccable and their knowledge and connections were well beyond exceptional.  They are truly a diamond in the rough and worth every moment of my time.  Thanks again for all the help!”

– Derek

“I would highly recommend Denise, she takes the time to understand the requirements of the position and provides qualified candidates.  We are very pleased with Denise’s professionalism, the process and the experience to fill a key position.”

– David

“Denise was great to work with after she found me at a company I had been at for 28 years. The new role she was able to present to me has been awesome, and I am so glad she did that for/with me. There was a time during the process that I wanted to back out of pursuing the new job, but she was able to persuade me to stay involved with it. During the entire process she was very involved in communicating with the new company on my behalf. There were several obstacles that she helped me over come with the new company’s HR department. Even now 7 months later, she will occasionally shoot me a text or call just to check in, and I think that really shows what she is all about. Working hard for each person she finds until everybody is happy. I would highly recommend that if she ever reaches out to you for a new opportunity, you grab onto it.”

– Steve

“Dear Sue, I am writing this testimonial to express my gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding work that you did during the recruitment process. It was a pleasure to work with you as you made my transition to an Engineering Technician seamless and hassle-free. From the moment you contacted me, you responded promptly and professionally, providing me with all the information I needed to make an informed and rational decision. You went above and beyond in answering all my questions, even responding after hours to ensure that I had all the information I needed. As I really wasn’t seeking a job at the time. Your expertise, knowledge, and guidance during the entire hiring process were invaluable. You made sure that I was well-prepared for each stage of the interview process, and your insights and advice were instrumental in securing the job and what I deserved as an employee. I appreciate your attention to detail, your patience, and your positive attitude throughout the entire process. Your dedication to your work and your clients is truly exceptional, and I would recommend you to anyone in search of their dream career. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family. Thank you for all that you have done for me. It is my pleasure to recommend you and your services and to have met you.”

– Thomas

“Sue was great to work with! She spent time talking to me about what I was looking for and getting to know me.  Taking the time to talk she made sure I would find the opportunity and compensation that fit my experience.  She was great at letting me know what to expect and coaching me through the interview process. She reached out before each interview with tips and suggestions and followed up with me, and the prospective employer, after to see how it went. This helped me have confidence going into the interviews and made me less nervous knowing what to expect. It helped having Sue and the team at Integrated Resource Solutions there to follow up with my prospective employer and be an advocate for me.  That was amazing! Thank you again for all your help!”

– Melinda

“I have known Sue for the better part of 8-10 years. So when I was a casualty of being downsized at my former employer, I gave Sue a call. Let me tell you that is a phone call I’m glad I made. Personal relationships aside. Sue was great to work with, as was her whole team. Sue talked me off the ledge a few times. She reassured me that there were opportunities out there to be had and that a perfect job was just waiting for me. She encouraged me to seek employment while she was working hard for me to do the same. She told me if there were opportunities that I found, to let her know and if she had contacts at the potential employers, she would contact them. If she didn’t know anyone at the potential employer, she went to Beth and Denise, the team she works with, to see if they had connections. If they did… they made a call and put in a good word for me. If there was a time that Sue was out of town, or had a day off.. there was always someone I could call if I needed help or advice. I had a few conversations with Beth and Denise. I’m telling you that this group of women were great to work with. They truly care about finding someone a position in which I would be happy in, as well as making sure it was a good match for the potential employer. They added that special personal touch to helping someone start a new chapter in their life. I am very grateful to all 3 of these women for having the patience to work with me, answer my questions, and to make me feel like everything was going to be ok. They let me know that even at 56 years old, there were employers out there looking for someone like me to hire. I am so glad that I made that phone call to them, and so very thankful for all the hard work they put into helping me start my new chapter. This isn’t just a Monday thru Friday 8am – 5pm job for these women. I received information well after 5:00pm and on Saturdays too. They work endlessly to find that right fit for you. This is what brings them joy. Give them a call. You won’t regret it.”

– Steve

“Jennifer VandenBrand is true Human Resources professional.  She takes the time to get to know her clients so she understands their staffing needs. She does a thorough job of interviewing candidates and researching their backgrounds, so that when she places candidates, she is able to ensure a good match. This is the best experience I have had working with a company to locate a new position, and I would recommend her to both candidates and employers.”

– Vern

“I cannot give Jennifer VandenBrand enough praise!  She was hands down the best Human Resource professional that I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.  Jennifer was very personable and did a great job explaining the position that I had applied for.  After taking the job, I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  Jennifer lined me up for a job that fit perfect for both my strengths and weaknesses.  Integrated Resources did an amazing job helping me prepare for my interview.  There was not a single issue that they did not cover, and made the entire process enjoyable.  I would recommend Jennifer and Integrated Resource Solutions to anyone and everyone looking in the Grand Rapids area.”

– Greg